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WHY DUST BULLIES? We're the ORIGINAL, the first and only company doing dust free tile removal on the North East Coast!

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Ricky Hernandez, Owner, Dust Bullies LLC Dust Free Tile Removal

Ricky Hernandez, Owner, Dust Bullies LLC Dust Free Tile Removal

Dust Bullies LLC is a commercial and residential dust free flooring company specializing in virtually dust free tile removal. We are¬†backed by over 30 years experience in the flooring business, with the last 15+ years specializing in commercial flooring removal and installation, including banks, hotels and malls. During this time, Ricky Hernandez, CEO of Dust Bullies LLC, saw the importance and need for dust free tile removal services all along the North Eastern Coastal United States. It allows us to do our job quickly, without sacrificing quality, and allows you to continue working as necessary without having to hang plastic sheets everywhere, or find your business and equipment covered in dust and “smoke”. It also allows workers coming in behind us to do their jobs without wait.   574708413When you contact Dust Bullies LLC, you’re investing in a company, that is fast, efficient, forward thinking, with an attention to detail. We are the first and still the only company in the North East United States doing virtually dust free tile removal. Put our experience and professionalism to work for you or your company. Whether it is residential or commercial tile removal, Dust Bullies LLC gets the job done, and done right, every time. Give us a call and let see how we can help you:

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