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Virtually Dust-Free Tile Removal for Flooring Installers, Contractors, & Retail Flooring Showrooms

We know how important tile removal is to home improvement projects, however, it tends to be the most dreaded job for every project. That’s where we come into play. Flooring installers, retail showrooms, and home improvement contractors can eliminate the step of tile removal by using Dust Bullies (Virtually) Dust Free Tile Removal! No matter how big the project, we have the equipment and know-how to get the job done so that you can start your work. We also serve as a “white label” service, as we operate as a part of the installation process and are hired directly by the installers and retail stores and showrooms, as opposed to being hired by the customers themselves.

Call for a free quote: (585) 466-4663

Call for your FREE Quote: (585) 466-4663

Dust Bullies, LLC offers virtually dust-free tile removal in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas. Dust-free tile removal is safer, cleaner and more efficient than traditional tile removal methods. Contact us today for a FREE Quote!

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